German Shepherds

The Stuff of Legends – Hero German Shepherd Dogs

Without question, German Shepherd dogs (GSDs) have earned their way into the spotlight as one of the most prized canine companions of all time. These dogs have deep roots in history as working dogs. German Shepherd credentials have involved everything from…

Police Dog Facts

If you’re thinking about getting a working line German Shepherd, you might have police dog facts on your mind. Questions like, “How are police dogs trained,” may come up often, leaving you wondering what’s the difference between a pet dog and a…
Police German Shepherd Dog

Why the German Shepherd Dog Excels as a K9 Police Dog

German Shepherds are the perfect breed for a K9 police dog. The character of GSDs is the single defining quality that allows them to excel. This breed has the utmost loyalty, courage, and confidence that cannot be found in other dog…
Czech German Shepherd

Ultimate Guide to the Czech German Shepherd Working Line

With their stunningly good looks, wicked smarts, and biddable nature, Czech German shepherds working line dogs are taking the world by storm. Overall, they are versatile dogs willing to work hard at their given job or simply serve as your…
Meet the German Shepherd Dog

Meet the German Shepherd Dog

It’s no wonder why the German Shepherd dog is one of the most popular dogs in the U.S.. Not only are they loyal companions and sharp witted, but they are strong, brave working dogs as well. Whether you are looking…

Infographic about GSDs

German Shepherds are one of the world’s most beloved and diverse breeds. There are show lines and working lines, and a wide variety of color patterns in GSDs. This info graphic will give you an introductory glimpse into need to…
Female German Shepherds

German Shepherds Female vs. Male: What’s the Difference?

If you know you want a German Shepherd but aren’t sure if you should get a female or male, you’re in the right place. GSDs rank second as the most popular dogs according to the American Kennel Club. German Shepherds…
Different Bloodlines of German Shepherd

The Different Bloodlines of the German Shepherd

Few dog breeds in the world today are more immediately recognizable than the German Shepherd. What you may not realize, though, is that the German Shepherd breed can be further divided into two distinct bloodlines, the American German Shepherd and…

German Shepherds

Custom Protection Training

German Shepherds are exceptional dogs to own. Front their loyalty to their temperament, you cannot go wrong with adding one or more German Shepherds to your family. However, this breed of dog requires you full attention in order to keep them healthy and make sure they are trained. Otherwise, your German Sheperd may not listen to your commands and may become a handful. If you have the time, space, and place in your heart for a new four-legged member of your family, this is one of the best dog breeds to own.

Our blog focuses on more than just German Shepards you can add to your family. We even dive into topics regarding the working and show dogs, including American Show Line, West Show Line, West Working Line, East Working Line, and Czech Working Line dogs.

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The blog posts you will find in this category are full of the information you need to successfully own and train your German Shepherd. From general facts about the breed to tips and advice with owning this particular dog, you will gain access to a plethora of information. Our blog posts will even teach you how to choose the perfect puppy for your family. Whatever questions you may have about owning a German Shepard, you will easily find right here.


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