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Let Our Expert Dog Trainers Transform Your Canine Friend
Into a Loyal, Capable Defender!

At Delta K9 Academy, we are proud to offer a wide range of dog training classes.
If you would like your pup to receive the training necessary to make them more obedient and keep them safe in potentially frightening situations, we are able to help!

Obedience Training Classes

What Does Obedience Training Mean?

Advanced obedience training can turn potentially frightening situations into a controlled environment where your dog will be looking to you for instruction rather than resorting to potentially harmful instincts. This includes situations where your dog finds themselves off of their leash in an uncontrolled environment. Off leash training is included with our advanced obedience training class and it is the only way to get a consistent response from your companion when they are not under your direct control.

What Does Advanced Obedience Training Do for a Dog?

We offer advanced obedience training to ensure your companion will reach their full potential with commands beyond just sitting, laying down and shaking. We focus on making your four-legged companion a polite and well-behaved member of society when you are out in public along with instilling them with a calm and composed presence that will keep both you and your pet happier and safer.

What Do We Teach in Our Obedience Classes

We at Delta K9 Academy incorporate hand signal training into our advanced obedience training course. By providing hand signal commands to go along with verbal commands, our advanced obedience class can provide you with another means of commanding your dog in situations where they might not be able to hear a verbal command. Our advanced obedience training class also covers on-leash training as well, which will, among other things, stop your companion from yanking and pulling while they are on the leash.

K9 programs

If you work for a law enforcement agency and need to train a new batch of K9 officers then the K9 trainers at Delta K9 Academy are able to help. For years, law enforcement agencies throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area have trusted Delta K9 Academy to provide them with loyal, reliable canine officers, and this is a service that we are incredibly proud to offer to the community.

What Are K9 Dogs Trained for?

We are able to train K9 officers to perform a wide range of vital roles, from using their extraordinary sense of smell to detect bombs or drugs to apprehending and neutralizing dangerous suspects.  For K9 officers that are charged with using their strength, speed, and athleticism to help keep officers safe in a dangerous situation, we employ cutting-edge advanced decoy training techniques that will teach a dog how to apply and relive bite pressure on command, how to deal with an armed assailant, how to read body language and detect threats, and much more.

training a dog for personal protection

Do you walk alone at night? Is the neighborhood you live in less than safe? If you are concerned about your personal safety for any reason, we can help you turn your dog into a loyal guard dog to protect you and your family. If you are looking for a class that will provide your dog with an important purpose they are sure to love as well as provide you and your family with a loyal, capable defender then enrolling your dog in our protection dog training class is certainly an ideal option to consider.

What Is Protection Training for Dogs

A common misconception is that only certain breeds such as German Shepherds or Pit Bulls can be a protection dog. In reality, though, we have seen many breeds succeed in this program. Another common misconception is that you need to have a dog who is aggressive and not socialized prior to the training. This also couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, socializing is a main focus in this class, as a good protection dog will need to know the difference between a threat and a non-threat and remain calm and composed when they are around non-threatening people.

What We Teach in Our Protection Classes

In addition to teaching your dog how to recognize a threatening situation, we can also teach them valuable skills such as

  • barking on command to ward off a threat
  • guarding a specific location or individual
  • attacking on command, and more!

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General Board and Train Policies

The Client must be willing to part from the dog for several weeks, in some cases up to 2 months. In return, you will get a well-trained pet. It is recommended that the Client does not visit the dog for the first 2 weeks of the program. This can cause emotional upset and distress for the dog, this will only prolong the program. lf the Client wishes the dog to be returned before the program has ended, the dog will be promptly returned with no follow-up, no guarantee, and no refund. The Client must inform "DELTA K9 ACADEMY" if the dog has been abused during any stage of its life. This information will ultimately affect the training process. The medical records of the dog must be presented to "DELTA K9 ACADEMY''. This information is crucial for the well-being of the trainer and the dogs of other clients. There will be an evaluation phase of 1 week, if at any time during that period the dog is deemed either untrainable or not a board-and-train candidate, the Client will be refunded minus a boarding fee of $30 per night.

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Protection Training Policies

• The Client must be willing to be present 2 days of the week at the facility to partake in protection training. This is to portray the Client as the primary commander.
• Protection/K9 Training could last up to 3 months depending on the dog's temperament.
• The Client must provide a quality pull harness to be used throughout training.
• The Client must arrive on time on the agreed upon date or else the training will exceed its expected timeframe.

Pick up/Drop off Terms and Conditions

• When bringing your dog for board-and-train, all we need is your dog's food and any medications (including but not limited to, flea/tick and/or heartworms ).
• When dropping off your dog at our facility you will need to stick to the exact time we agreed upon.
• Upon arrival, your dog must be on a leash/collar setup from which they cannot slip out of when transporting from your car towards our facility.

• I certify that my dog has not been exposed to Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospiosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Papilloma's, Conjunctivitis, etc. within 30 days prior to boarding.
• I agree that if my dog is to be found with fleas and/or ticks, it will be bathed and/or given medications at my expense.
• I certify that my dog is up to date on all of its vaccinations including Rabies shots.
• I understand, agree, and authorize that if my dog is in need of any medical or emergency services, that the procedures will be at my expense.
• I acknowledge that "DELTA K9 ACADEMY" has no control of the dog when it's not in the custody and care of our facility. "DELTA K9 ACADEMY" cannot be held liable for any claims of injury, expense, costs, death, or damages caused by the actions of the dog when not in sole custody of "DELTA K9 ACADEMY".
• I agree that at the trainer's sole discretion may terminate the training of the animal if: a) it interferes with the training of other dogs b) client breaches any terms of conditions of this agreement.
• I acknowledge that some training tools including but not limited to training collars, shock collars, pinch collars, etc. may be used during the training course.
• I understand that there will be times during the training process where my dog(s) may be taken away from the facility as a part of the training program (i.e. dog parks, street crossings, etc.)


Client acknowledges and agrees that "DELTA K9 TRAINING" has not represented, promised, guaranteed, or warranted that the client's dog can be trained, that the client’s dog will never bite, that the client's dog will not be dangerous or vicious in the future, that the client's dog will not exhibit other behavioral problems, or that the training will last for any particular amount of time. Client agrees, understands and acknowledges that the elimination or modification of behaviors is not guaranteed. The client further acknowledges that dog training will not provide exact results as each dog is different in regard to ability, breeding and temperament. Client understands and agrees that follow-up and future training is their sole responsibility and that they must contact "DELTA K9 ACADEMY" to schedule future training sessions.


I agree to pay promptly in full for my dog's stay/training with "DELTA K9 ACADEMY" and for any other additional incurred charges. I will be solely responsible for any charges incurred for any veterinary care and treatment. If I am to return, I agree to provide any updated information about my dog.
Price: $ 500.00