#1 Dog Obedience Training Classes in Los Angeles Area

Of all the things that a dog can learn, obedience to their masters is by far the most important. Having a dog that is obedient to you at all times is vital for a number of different reasons. Obedience training is able to help keep your beloved pet safe by ensuring that they look to you for instruction in potentially dangerous situations. Obedience classes can also help curb bad habits ensure that your dog is able to socialize with strangers and other dogs alike.

At Delta K9 Academy, we are proud to offer several dog training classes including basic obedience, advanced dog training, and a custom program that allows you to hand-select the specific custom skills and commands that you would like your dog to learn. If you are looking for the best dog obedience school in Los Angeles to teach your dog a set of skills that will both protect them and curb bad behaviors then we look forward to meeting you and your beloved pooch!

Basic Dog Obedience

An Overview of the Program

Dog Obedience Training

Dogs are very loyal and obedient creatures, which is the reason why they make such excellent pets and service animals alike. However, as loyal and obedient as dogs might be, obedience is still something that they must be taught.

In essence, our dog obedience classes are designed to transform even the most stubborn and unruly pups into loyal, obedient pets that will behave appropriately and respond to important commands. This course is especially ideal for those who don’t have the time or ability to train a dog on their own but would like their dog to receive a base level of instruction in order to help keep them safe and make them a more enjoyable pet to live with.

What Will Training Teach Your Dog?

Obedience training will teach your dog valuable commands that will allow them to effectively and efficiently listen to you under any circumstances. Your dog will begin to understand acceptable social behaviors and will even develop its own set of manners. Through training, you will deepen your bond with your pet.

Our basic obedience course is designed to teach dogs important basic commands such as:

  • “sit”
  • “come”
  • “stay”

while also curbing bad behaviors such as jumping, barking, and biting.

Advanced Dog Training

What Exactly Is Advanced Obedience?

Advanced Training

Our advanced dog training course is designed for dogs that already know basic commands  but need to be taught more advanced commands that will help keep them safe in potentially dangerous situations such as slipping their leash near a busy street.

Having a dog off of their leash in an uncontrolled and confusing environment is a scenario where a lot can go wrong. A dog that has undergone advanced training, though, will be taught to maintain their composure and look to you for instructions even when the situation around them is loud, chaotic, and confusing. If you would like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog will remain composed and obedient at all times even in situations where their canine instincts would lead them to act aggressively or unpredictably then our advanced dog obedience classes are an excellent option to consider.

When Should You Start Training Your Dog?

You should begin training your dog as soon as possible. Basic obedience training for puppies can begin around the time your pup is 7 or 8 weeks old, but many dog owners wait to begin formal training until a puppy is about 6 months old. If you have recently adopted an older dog, you should begin training immediately.

Obedience Training for Puppies: Where to Start

If you want to train a puppy, it is important that you know where to begin and how to proceed. It is best to start with basic commands that are easy for dogs to learn. The four basic commands that you will want to focus on include come, sit, stay and lay down.

Custom Obedience Training

Custom Training

As you are likely well aware, dogs are incredibly intelligent creatures that can be taught a wide range of skills and commands. Whatever it is that you would like your canine friend to learn, therefore, there’s a good chance that our dog training experts will be able to help.

Whether you would like to train a working dog to perform a specific task not covered under typical obedience classes or you would like to impress your friends with the custom tricks and commands that your dog knows, we are happy to work with you in order to develop a custom training program that is specifically tailored your needs.

Tricks We Can Teach Your Dog

In addition to offering both basic obedience training and advanced obedience training courses, we also offer custom obedience training that allows you to hand-select the custom skills and commands that you would like your dog to learn.

What Should You Look for When Choosing an Obedience Trainer?

An experienced, professional obedience trainer

  • can help you train your dog as quickly and effectively as possible
  • teach you the hand signals for dogs that are most effective
  • works in a safe environment
  • uses positive reinforcement to reward dogs for a job well done
The Cost of Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience training cost can vary based on the type of program that you enroll in and the dog obedience trainer that you partner with. It is important to recognize the obedience training is a valuable investment, and the cost of training can vary based on the expenses of the individual training school that you choose.

What Obedience Training Equipment Do You Need?

In order to get the most out of your dog training experience, you will want to come prepared for your first obedience training for dogs. There are two pieces of equipment that you should bring:

  • A snap collar
  • A regular snap-on leash

What Obedience Training Equipment Do You Need?

Obedience training for dogs is just the beginning for you and your four-legged friend. Once you and your pet have mastered both beginner and advanced obedience training, you can consider additional options that will increase your bond with your pet. The opportunities available to you can include:

  • Canine Sports Competitions
  • Obedience Trial Competitions
  • Therapy Dog Training

Investing in dog training will benefit both you and your pet, and will allow you to live a fulfilling life together!

The Premier Choice for Dog Obedience Training in Los Angeles

Obedience training is an investment that you make in your pet. Not only are you giving yourself the gift of having a dog that is well-behaved and obedient, but you are giving your dog the gift of security, confidence and love. Through obedience training, you and your pet will learn dog commands that will curb unacceptable behaviors, such as jumping, barking excessively, nuisance chewing and sniffing people.

At Delta K9 Academy, we are proud to offer the best obedience training programs in Los Angeles. Whether you have a puppy that you would like to teach basic obedience, a long-time friend that you would like to keep safe through advanced training, or a specific skillset that you would like to teach your dog, the dog trainers at Delta K9 Academy are ready and able to help.

If you have any questions about obedience training for dogs or would like to learn more about the various programs that we offer then we invite you to contact us today!