Top Rated Advanced Dog Training in Los Angeles Area

Teaching your dog good manners and advanced obedience should be a priority as it can protect you, your dog, and others around you. Advanced dog obedience training in Los Angeles can turn potentially frightening situations into a controlled environment between yourself and your canine friend.

Whether you are searching for puppy training classes, custom obedience training, or advanced dog training, the training experts at Delta K9 Academy are able to help. Be sure to contact us today if you would like to sign your pup up for one of our industry-leading classes!

Advanced obedience training

Peace of Mind Through Advanced Obedience Training

Advanced Dog Training

Training is very important in a dog’s life. It provides mental stimulation which will keep them happy and when combined with exercise can help to avoid destructive behaviors both inside and outside the house. Best of all, not only will advanced training make your dog safer, they are sure to enjoy the training process itself as well!

Another benefit is that your canine friend will become more sociable with other dogs and people. There will no more embarrassing interactions in public places where you have no control. The most important takeaway, though, is that your dog will be safer having undergone this valuable training, giving you priceless peace of mind.

We will be teaching your canine friend hand signals to go along with their commands in case of the scenario where they cannot hear you. Dogs typically hear sounds, not words. To test this, try the command “get” instead of “sit” and view the response as your dog will sit anyway. A dog’s sight, on the other hand, is more reliable than their interpretation of human language. Therefore, hand signals are a great addition to commands as they will be able to see them from across a field or in a loud place.

Advanced Dog Commands
  • Off Leash Training. With the help of off leash training, you will be able to get a consistent response from your canine friend in the event of an emergency where they are off the leash in an uncontrolled environment.
  • On Leash Training. Most dogs prefer to pull, lunge, get distracted, or do other things when they walk. Our on leash training will provide your pup with a set of boundaries that include heeling when asked, leash control and distraction prevention.