K9 Dog Training Programs: Creating Tactical Canine Support for Law Enforcement

K9 training classes in Los Angeles are advanced training programs designed to help law enforcement agencies train dogs to serve as K9 officers. Given the wide range of tasks that these K9 officers are given – from catching and controlling a dangerous suspect to detecting drugs to bomb detection – canines that are meant to become K9 officers must undergo very specific and advanced police dog training programs.

We are experts helping law enforcement agencies develop police dogs into highly loyal and capable canine officers capable of performing a wide range of critical tasks while sticking to their training in even the most extreme situations. We bring decades of combined experience training police dogs and are able to guarantee optimal, professional results that you and your entire department are sure to appreciate!

The True Value of Well-Trained K9 Dogs

K9 Tactical Training

K9 Training

The roots of using dogs to aid in tactical efforts reach far back into history. Working dogs have been used in warfare for centuries. And, the act of using canines to assist law enforcement can be traced all the way back to 1888 when authorities were searching for Jack the Ripper. By the 1970s, K9 units had become a commonly implemented component of law enforcement in the U.S. Today, police dogs (K9s) can be found throughout the country.

As noted, canines can boast specific genetic qualities that can be valuable for law enforcement purposes. The carefully honed abilities of selectively bred canines allow the dogs to assist fellow officers with tasks sometimes reaching beyond human limitations.

Trained K9s can be deployed for a number of reasons during their time at "work" in the field. Therefore, these well-trained working dogs are fully respected as officials by fellow officers, handlers, and the public.

An Up-Close Look at the K9 Dog Training Process

Ideally, police dog training begins early in the dog's life. The beginning stages of training involve basic obedience and response exercises, both of which are highly important foundations for further training exercises. From that initial training, new stages of instruction are tackled with the dog according to the specific roles the canine may eventually take on. Further skillsets K9 dog training may include are:

  • Scent tracking
  • Bomb or explosive detection
  • Drug detection
  • Suspect tracking or apprehension
  • Search and/or clear perimeters/areas

Most skillsets are taught independently; the police dog will learn one component of training before moving onto another. In general, each sect of new instruction involves teaching the dog the command, the action, and the appropriate alert (if necessary). For example, during drug detection instruction, the dog is introduced to new commands to entice a search, how to conduct the search using their natural-born instincts, and how to alert when drugs are detected.

What Does K9 Mean for Police?

The process of training a dog to use their ingrained senses and physical capabilities to assist law enforcement is referred to as K9 training. Through police k9 training, these intelligent animals are exposed to explicit instruction meant to heighten the natural capabilities of the dog. The canine may be trained to use a combination of its sense of smell and assessment of handler's commands and body language to detect a threat, track evidence, or even take down an assailant when needed.

What Do Police Dogs Do?

A few examples of how K9s may be used in law enforcement include:

  • Tracking lost or missing individuals, including children
  • Performing safety checks in buildings, tunnels, structures, and around perimeters
  • Defending a handler, victim, or fellow officer during an attack
  • Tracking imminent threats, such as explosive devices, firearms, or suspicious persons
  • Locating narcotics or narcotic residue in buildings, vehicles, or on people

Off-Leash Training

What Is Off-Leash Training?

Off Leash K9 Training

Off-leash K9 training is something that is incredibly valuable for all dogs as it teaches them to listen and obey in an uncontrolled environment. However, off-leash training is especially important for K9 officers that are expected to obey commands at all times even when they are off the leash in a loud, stressful, and confusion situation. No matter what role your K9 officer is being asked to perform, off-leash training is a vital necessity. If you would like to ensure that the K9 officer you are entrusting to perform critical law enforcement tasks is able to maintain their obedience and composure at all times then having them learn off-leash training at a quality K9 academy is a necessity.

How Long Does K9 Dog Training Take?

General patrol training may take several weeks, and a dog's unique training for specific skillsets can take additional time. For example, a dog may spend three to four weeks in police k9 training to learn how to detect narcotics, another few weeks in training for search training, and so on. Police dog training can take several months to initially complete, but instruction may also be an ongoing effort. Most police dogs do require general maintenance training periodically to brush up on their previously learned skills.

K9 Advanced Decoy Training

What Is Police Decoy Training?

K9 Advanced Decoy

Learning how to deal with potentially dangerous suspects is a vital skill that many K9 officers need to possess. Skills such as properly identifying a threat, using the appropriate level of aggression, taking down a suspect in a way that neutralizes the threat that they pose, and more are all skills that can be taught to a K9 officer using K9 advanced decoy training. K9 advanced decoy class involves having a person who is wearing protective equipment play the role of the suspect in order to train the dog how to deal with a wide range of potentially dangerous situations.

What Does Police K9 Decoy Means to a Dog

Here are some of the skills that you can expect a dog to learn during our K9 advanced decoy training:

  • Applying and relieving bite pressure on command
  • Passive bites
  • Muzzle fighting
  • Understanding suspect body language and detecting threats
  • Chasing and apprehending a fleeing suspect
  • Advanced targeting and countering techniques
  • And more…

Choose Delta K9 Academy for training police dogs!

At Delta K9 Academy, we are able to provide police k9 training designed to teach K9s a wide range of skillsets. Police dogs can be trained to perform a number of different tasks, and the instruction that these dogs receive will vary depending on the tasks that they are being asked to perform. Whether you are needing to train police dogs that will work in airport, needing to train a police dog to detect drugs at traffic stops, or  to perform any number of other specialized roles in law enforcement, the k9 police dog trainers at Delta K9 Academy are able to help.

If you work for a law enforcement agency that is needing to train a new police dog and you are looking for the best dog training classes in Los Angeles then we look forward to being at your service!

Whether you would like to enroll a pup in our K9 advanced decoy training program to teach them to deal with dangerous suspects, would like to train a dog how to detect drugs or bombs using their extraordinary sense of smell, or would like to teach your canine any number of other tactical skills, be sure to contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading K9 training services.


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