K9 Advanced Decoy Training

All over the world, K9 officers are frequently tasked with the vital job of apprehending and detaining potentially dangerous suspects. In order to learn the broad range of commands, behaviors, and skillsets that a dog must know to fill this role, though, a K9 officer must undergo many hours of specialized training – particularly a type of training called advanced decoy training.

We are proud to offer police decoy training classes that are designed to turn a qualified dog into a highly-trained canine officer. If you are looking for a dog training service provider in Los Angeles to help provide your law enforcement agency with a new crop of specialized K9 officers then our K9 advanced decoy training is the solution you’ve been searching for!

What is K9 Police Decoy Training?

Our advanced decoy techniques carried out by experienced dog trainers.

K9 Advanced Decoy

K9 advanced decoy training is designed specifically for K9 officers that are charged with apprehending and detaining suspects that are fleeing, presenting a threat, or otherwise resisting arrest.

It involves training a dog to assess, apprehend, and neutralize threats via a dog trainer that is wearing a specialized sleeve or suit designed to protect them against bites. In a way, this trainer is to the dog what a sparring partner is to a boxer who is training for a fight. By enabling the dog to attack and bite at full force without risking injury to the trainer, K9 police decoy training is able to simulate a wide range of real-world scenarios in the most realistic way possible.

What Does a Dog Learn?

When a dog completes our industry-leading police decoy training program, you can expect them to learn vital skills such as:

  • Applying and reliving bite pressure on command
  • Assessing body language in order to recognize and respond to threats
  • Chasing and detaining a fleeing suspect on command
  • Advanced targeting and countering techniques
  • Muzzle fighting
  • Prey guarding
  • Deployment exercises
  • And much more…

Why Choose Delta K9 Academy for K9 Police Training?

At Delta K9 Academy, we understand that dogs who undergo our police decoy training program may very well end up being put in a situation where their life and the life of their handler depends on the dog’s ability to stick with their training. Knowing this, K9 advanced decoy training is something that we take extraordinary seriously.

If you would like the peace of mind knowing that the dog you are trusting to help keep your officers safe has been trained in the most proven and rigorous way possible by a staff comprised completely of experienced K9 training professionals then there is every reason to choose Delta K9 Academy. To learn more about our industry-leading dog training school and our K9 advanced decoy training classes, be sure to contact us today!