Why Choose Delta K9 Academy for K9 Tactical Training?

If you work for a military or law enforcement agency that is needing to train a new crop of loyal and reliable K9 officers then we at Delta K9 Academy are able to help! Through our industry-leading K9 tactical training, we have been able to provide police and law enforcement agencies throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area with exceptionally well-trained K9 officers who are able to perform a wide range of vital roles.

We understand the importance of the roles that K9 officers fill and likewise understand that the training K9 dogs receive could end up being the difference between life and death for the dog or their handler. That’s why K9 dog training is a service that we take incredibly seriously at Delta K9 Academy. We produce K9 officers who can be trusted to perform their job and stick to their training each and every time without exception!

What is K9 Tactical Training?

What Do Police Dogs Do?

K9 Dog Training

All over the world, K9 officers are regularly used to perform an incredibly large number of important, life-saving roles. At Delta K9 Academy, we understand the broad range of roles that K9 officers are often asked to fill. That’s why our K9 dog training classes is designed to be modified depending on the commands, behaviors, and skillsets that you need your dog(s) to learn.

Whether you are needing to train a K9 officer to work with airport security detecting bombs, a K9 officer to perform vehicle and building searches for drugs, a K9 officer that is able to catch and detain a potentially dangerous suspect that is fleeing or otherwise resisting arrest, you can trust our Los Angeles expert dog trainers to provide you with a reliable and incredibly well-trained K9 officer that you can confidently stake your life on.

K9 Police Dogs' Skillset

Given the broad range of roles that police dogs are tasked with, K9 dog training classes can vary dramatically depending on the specific goal of the course. They include:

  • training dogs to use their incredible sense of smell in order to detect bombs, drugs, or other illegal
  • teaching K9 officers to track a suspect or missing person
  • training to detain a fleeing suspect
  • teaching to patrol and guard an area

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At Delta K9 Academy, we are proud to have the opportunity to work with numerous law enforcement and military organizations over the years in order to provide them with the best possible K9 tactical training necessary to ensure that their K9 officers are prepared to deal with any situation. To learn more about our K9 dog training or any of the other dog training classes in LA that we offer at Delta K9 Academy, be sure to contact us today.