Off Leash K9 Training

Safety and control are two major factors that can help summarize the importance of off-leash K9 training. While on-leash training will allow your K9 to listen to commands so long as you have them in your range, off-leash training will provide K9 officers with the skills to listen to you in an uncontrolled and potentially dangerous environment where they are no longer under your direct control.

Impulses are elevated when a K9 officers finds themselves off of their leash in uncontrolled environment, meaning that advanced obedience is required to ensure a reliable response from your dog in a situation where they are unconstrained by a leash. If you need to be able to trust your dog to behave appropriately at all times then off-leash training is a course that your dog should complete.

Why is Off-Leash K9 Training Important?

What Can I Expect My Dog to Learn From Off-Leash Dog Training?

Off Leash K9 Training

Off-leash K9 training is designed to teach K9 officers how to maintain their composure and look to their handlers for instruction when they are let off the leash into an environment that is potentially chaotic or even dangerous for the dog and their handler.

When a dog completes our industry-leading off-leash training, you can expect them to learn a wide range of verbal and non-verbal commands as well as receive training that will enforce obedience even in the most confusing and stressful situations. Non-verbal hand signals will enable you to communicate with your K9 officer even when they are not able to hear you over the noise of the situation while off-leash verbal commands will allow you to control the dog when they are out of reach and even when they are out of eyesight.

Much more than learning a simple set of new commands, though, off-leash training is designed to rewire some of a dog’s instincts that tend to kick in during a chaotic situation and replace those instinctual responses with uncompromising obedience.

Does my Dog Need Off-Leash Training?

It is recommended that every K9 officer undergoes off-leash training regardless of the role they fill or the tasks they are being asked to perform. Whether you are training a dog to detect bombs in airport security or training a K9 officer to apprehend dangerous suspects, off-leash training is an essential skillset for any K9 officer working in law enforcement to know.

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