Protection Dog Training

While dogs are well-known for being man’s best friend, there are plenty of instances where dogs serve the role of man’s most loyal protector as well.

If you are searching for protection dog training classes in Los Angeles that will develop your dog friend into a highly capable guardian then we are able to help!

Training for Guard Dogs

What Makes a Great Guard Dog

Guard Dog Training

One big reason why many people choose to purchase a dog is the idea that a good dog will help guard their home from intruders. However, the traits that make a dog a reliable guard dog often aren’t inherent, and there’s no way to know for sure how your dog will react to a home invasion unless they have undergone the proper training.

If you would like to rest assured knowing that your trusty four-legged friend is keeping watch over you and your loved ones at all times then our guard dog training course is the ideal course for you.

Why Get a Guard Dog?

At Delta K9 Academy, we are able to train dogs to sound the alarm via barking when they detect a potential threat as well as train dogs to defend their homes and families in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Training a Dog for Security

Security Dog Training

While guard dogs can serve as pets as well as perform the role of protecting their home, security dogs are working animals meant to fulfill very specific and demanding roles. Security dogs can be trained to guard a specific location or a specific person. Security dogs also receive enough high-level training that they can often be left on their own and trusted to keep guard over a person or area even when they are off of the leash and not under the direct oversight of their handler.

Why Are Dogs Good for Security?

Over the years, we have worked with numerous security companies, law enforcement agencies, and private individuals in order to provide them with highly-trained security dogs. If you are looking for a dog that you can trust with your life, be sure to contact Delta K9 Academy today to learn more about our industry-leading security dog training course.

Custom protective dog training

Custom Protection Training

When you sign your four-legged friend up for our protection training for dogs, we’ll work directly with you in order to identify what it is that you would like your dog to learn before developing a personalized training course meant to teach your dog these new skills and commands in the most effective way possible. We understand that personal security often isn’t a “one size fits all” objective, which is why we are proud to offer dog training for  protection as one of our best classes for dogs.

When Should you Start Training a Dog for Protection?

Even if you would like to teach your dog a set of skillsets, behaviors, and commands that pertain to protection training but are not covered under one of our pre-set courses, the expert dog trainers at Delta K9 Academy are still ready and able to help.

How We Train your dog to protect your family

If you are searching for an obedience school for dogs that offers the best protection dog training in Los Angeles, look no further. For years, the experienced dog trainers at Delta K9 Academy have worked with clients in order to develop loyal, highly-trained, and trustworthy protection dogs to fill a wide range of security roles.

Whether you are a home owner who would like to teach guard dog traits to the family pet, the owner of security agency wanting to train a new batch of security dogs to serve as valuable assets for your company, or anything in-between, we look forward to helping out. To learn more about our exceptional protection training classes for puppies and dogs, feel free to contact us today!