Custom Protection Dog Training

Few things offer more security and peace of mind than a well-trained protection dog. At Delta K9 Academy, we offer both guard dog training classes as well as we train security dogs. However, we also recognize that there are clients out there who need to train dogs for very unique and specific security roles that might not be covered under one of our pre-set training courses.

For these clients, we are proud to offer custom protection dog training classes that can be specifically tailored to train a dog any number of security-oriented commands, behaviors, and skillsets. If you have a unique vision for the type of security or guard dog that you would like to train up then our custom protection training for dogs is the ideal choice for you.

Training Dogs for Custom Protection

What is Custom Protection Dog Training?

Custom Protection Training

As the name suggests, there is no single description that can be used to explain what is taught in a custom protection training course given that every course is uniquely designed in order to teach a customized set of skills and commands. Ultimately, what exactly custom training ends up entailing is up to you, the dog owner!

At Delta K9 Academy, we have helped clients train dogs for a broad range of specialized security roles not covered under our security or guard dog training programs. Given how loyal and intelligent dogs can be, there are not too many limits on what he or she can be taught. No matter what security role you would like your four-legged friend to fill, chances are that the expert dog trainers in charge of our custom course will be able to help.

Does My Dog Need Custom Training?

If you would like to train a working dog to serve in a professional security role such as guarding a location or person then our security dog training course is the right fit.

For security roles that don’t fall under either of these umbrellas, though, our custom training course fills in the gap!

Let Delta K9 Academy Help With Your Custom Protection Dog Training Needs

At Delta K9 Academy, no challenge is too specific or unique when it comes to training qualified dogs to fill personal protection and security roles. If you have a vision for the security skills and commands that you would like your dog to learn that is not covered under one of our pre-set courses, be sure to contact us today to learn more about our custom protection dog training that we are proud to offer.