Guard Dog Training

If you would like to rest easy knowing that your home and family are fully protected at all times, few things are going to do the job better than a well-trained guard dog. From alerting and waking you in the event of a home invasion to scaring away potential intruders with a loud and aggressive bark, a dog that has undergone the proper training is able to offer priceless peace of mind to you and your family in a number of different ways.  

At Delta K9 Academy, we are proud to have earned our status as the go-to training school for guard dogs. If you are looking for dog trainers in LA to help you teach a loyal and reliable guard dog then we are happy to be at your service. Through our top rated training for guard, we are able to turn any qualified dog into a highly effective and reliable home security system that will provide you and your loved ones with priceless peace of mind.

How to Train a Guard Dog

What Exactly Is Guard Dog Training?

Guard Dog Training

The primary focus when we at Delta K9 Academy are training a dog to be a guard dog is teaching the dog to be alert and observant so that they are able to detect threats outside the home as quickly and accurately as possible. Guard dogs are then trained to bark loudly in the event of a threat, waking the homeowner and, in many cases, scaring off the would-be intruders.

Unlike security dogs, guard dogs are not typically trained to attack threats but rather to ward them off through aggressive barking while also alerting their owner. We teach guard dogs to use their exceptional senses to differentiate between innocent people passing by and a real intruder. We then instruct them how to behave in the event of a threat and train them to bark in a way that is both highly intimidating as well as impossible to ignore if you the homeowner are sleeping or are otherwise distracted.

Facts You Might Not Know About Guard Dogs

Guard dogs know how to “guard” a specific location, usually the home of the dog’s owner. As opposed to security dogs – which are working animals performing a wide range of security roles – guard dogs are more focused on actual guarding.

So You'Ve decided you need to look for Guard Dog Training in Los Angeles?

At Delta K9 Academy, we are proud to be the premier choice for training good guard dogs in Los Angeles and throughout the surrounding area. If you are looking for experienced and professional dog trainers who will be able to teach your dog the skills and traits that could one day save the life of you or someone that you love then you can count on us to help.

To learn more about our guard dog training, feel free to contact us today!