Security Dog Training

The security dog training course that we offer at Delta K9 Academy is specifically tailored to working dogs that are being tasked with professional security roles such as guarding a location or VIP. Unlike training for guard dogs – which can be taught to family pets and working dogs alike – training for security dogs is specifically meant for working dogs in a professional environment.

This is due to the fact that security dogs are taught behaviors and commands that are more aggressive and potentially harmful than guard dogs, who are taught only to bark at a threat rather than attacking it. For those who work in a professional environment and need a highly-trained dog to help with protection and security, though, our training for security is the perfect fit!

Training for security

Security Dogs and Their Uses

Security Dog Training

We recognize that there may come a day when life and property is on the line and the only thing preventing the loss of these things is the training that we have provided to our clients security dogs. With this in mind, training for security is something that we take incredibly seriously at Delta K9 Academy. If you would like to work with a dog training academy that will go above and beyond to ensure that your dog receives only best possible security training then we at Delta K9 Academy look forward to working with you.

To learn more about our security dogs training, guard dog training, custom protection dog training, or any of the other dog training classes in Los Angeles that we at Delta K9 Academy are proud to offer then be sure to contact us today.

Why Dogs Are Great for Security Purposes?

We teach qualified dogs a wide range of security skillsets, from guarding a specific location to warding off threats with a loud, aggressive bark, to attacking on command, and much more. In summary, if you would like your canine friend to receive protection training for dogs that will enable them to fill any number of professional security roles then this course is the ideal solution for you!

Why Choose Delta K9 Academy for Training Security Dogs?

Over the years, we at Delta K9 Academy have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of security organizations and private individuals alike throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area in order to provide them with highly-trained and reliable security dogs. Whether you work for a security company that is needing to train up a new batch working dogs that will serve as valuable assets for your company or you are an individual that would like to purchase and train a security dog to guard your valuable property then we would love the opportunity to help!