Q: What is a Working Line German Shephard?

A: In essence, working line German Shepherds are dogs that have been specifically bred to serve in law enforcement and military roles. Working line German Shepherds are bred from a long line of law enforcement and military German Shepherds and are trained from a very young age to perform these highly specialized roles. These differences in genetics and training compared to show line German Shepherds results in physical differences as well; working line German Shepherds tend to have thicker bodies and a straight body structure that enables them to perform more physically demanding feats and work for long hours without tiring. Through breeding and training alike, working line German Shepherds also demonstrate more endurance and pain tolerance than other German Shepherd lines. By nature, working line German Shepherds also tend to be more aggressive than other breeds. While working line German Shepherds are incredibly well-trained and well-behaved, their focused breeding and training make them far better suited to serve as working dogs rather than pets in most scenarios.   

Q: What is a Show Line German Shephard? 

A: Around the same time that mankind began breeding German Shepherds to serve roles in the military and law enforcement, we also began breeding a separate line of German Shepherds intended for show. Show line German Shepherds are bred to have ideal genetics in terms of attractiveness and are trained to exhibit calm and friendly personality traits. For this reason, show line German Shepherds make for wonderful pets in addition to being an ideal dog for competing in dog shows. 

Q: What is the Difference Between East and West German Shepherds?

A: While East and West German Shepherds share plenty in common in terms of physical and personality traits, there are also a number of key differences that set these two breeds apart. Also known as DDR (Deutshe Demokratishe Republik) German Shepherds, East German Shepherds are typically trained and bred as working line German Shepherds. They have a straight body structure, big bones, dark fur, and an energetic personality that lends itself well to long days of work, and East German Shepherds are the go-to breed for law enforcement and military organizations all over the world. West German Shepherds, on the other hand, are typically bred for show and have a more sloped appearance as well as a calmer, more relaxed personality.   

Q: What is the Difference Between an American and European Doberman? 

A: In many ways, the differences between the American and European Doberman are similar to the differences between the East and West German Shepherd. American Dobermans tend to be bred for show and exhibit a sleek appearance and calm temperament that make them ideal show dogs and family pets alike. The European Doberman, meanwhile, is a slightly larger and more muscular breed that exhibits an abundance of energy and a determined temperament. These traits make the European Doberman an ideal working dog, and the European Doberman is often bred to serve the purpose of a reliable protection dog.