Our Breeding Philosophy at Delta K9 Academy

Our breeding philosophy as Delta K9 Academy is built upon the fundamental dog breeding standards set forth by the highest-recognized entities like the American Kennel Club and The Pet Leadership Council. Our role as your chosen dog breeder is important to us, and we take the initiative to make sure you find only the best puppies when you turn to us.

The Best Dog Starts with Proper Breeding Practices

Dogs Should Be Selectively Bred According to Their Future Roles

Black and sable GSD puppies

One important attribute of our breeding philosophy is we don't just breed dogs and hope they make it into their rightful roles. Instead, we know the roles our dogs will be expected to fill before dog breeding ever occurs. For example, if we are breeding German Shepherds that will eventually serve as law enforcement companions, we build our breeding plans around that future plan.

Breeding pairs will be selected according to which dam and sire offer the most consistent attributes that will be suitable for the particular role of the future dog. A dam that offers a gentle, protective nature paired with a sire that is highly driven and loyal, for instance, is most likely to produce a protective, loyal canine that could work well in a family home. Whether we are breeding Dobermans for fierce property protection, gentle German Shepherds for fun companions, or otherwise, our puppies are literally selectively bred by our team to offer matching qualities.

Reputable and Ethical Dog Breeding Preserves the Quality of Breed Standards
Doberman puppy

At Delta K9 Academy, we respect our roles to the fullest extent. When you proclaim yourself as a dog breeder, you are stepping up to say you are doing your part to maintain the strongest traits of any breed line. For example, if we are breeding Czech working-line German Shepherd dogs, we have a responsibility to maintain the health and purity of that line.

Every puppy we help bring forth should be a perfect representation of what that lineage offers. Dog breeding should never be about the money or simply producing pets—the process is more about nurturing those incredible breeds and helping that strong line become a part of someone else's life.

Key Factors

When searching for the best dog breeder, key traits are vital. You must find a dog breeder that follows only the best breeding practices, which should include:

  • Thorough health screening of breeding pairs and their ancestors
  • Pointed research into the temperament of the dam and sire
  • Breeding only parents that are fully mature enough to know the traits
  • Only breeding dams a limited number of times to prevent taxing her health

At Delta K9 Academy, we follow every one of these standards because these standards are essential to ensuring our clients receive an exemplary dog with character traits anticipated.

Proper breeding practices are not only about what happens before the puppy is born, either. Once a puppy is born, the best dog breeding professionals invest in that dog with extensive time, only the best nutrition, and exceptional medical monitoring and care.

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