Ghost Caini de Politie

Ghost is a very stoic and serious male Czech German Shepherd with a large head, high drive, and strong protective traits. He is a very imposing and highly-athletic dog who is immediately suspicious of anyone not in his circle yet also a dog who is well-trained and extremely obedient. Ghost hails from a superb Czech bloodline and always produces strong, healthy, and athletic pups who are perfect for a wide range of modalities.

Ringo von der Ransch-Vincent

Ringo is a highly suspicious German Shepherd male with a high drive and strong protective instincts. Ringo is a large dog with an imposing presence, strong conformations, and an aggressive approach to his work – which he always takes very seriously. Ringo has a dark, bi-color coat – though he may appear at first glance to be solid black – and always produces strong, athletic pups that demonstrate his same drive and protective instincts.

Kay z velkooseckych zahrad (Skar)

Skar is a stunning male Czech German Shepherd with thick bones, lovely working conformations, a massive head, and a charming demeanor. Skar has demonstrated an extraordinary drive, a willingness to please, and eagerness to work, and we expect him to pass those excellent traits onto his pups for many years to come.

Bronco Faldo vom Szymczyk (Atos)

Atos is a high-drive male German Shepherd with excellent working conformations, an aggressive approach to his work and training, and an eagerness to please. Atos is also an extremely strong and athletic dog and always passes his excellent physical traits onto his progeny.

Unkas Riley vom Szymczyk

Unkas is a medium-size male German Shepherd with excellent working conformations, a high drive, and a beautiful head. Unkas has demonstrated incredibly strong protective instincts and always takes his work very seriously.

A-Graff VOM zwinger daniely

A-Graff is a large, long-haired German Shepherd that is fully K9 trained and perfect for family protection and service dog roles. He is athletic, driven, and always eager to please. A-Graff produces very big and strong family puppies that share his excellent genetic traits.

ace vom zwinger daniely (max)

Max is a strong, obedient, and fully-trained German Shepherd with a high level of energy, a large head, and excellent ear/feet conformations. He is a highly-driven and territorial working dog that is also great in social situations and perfectly suited for family protection roles.