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Through careful, responsible breeding, we offer clients breeds they know and rely on.
Through top-rated dog training, we make sure dogs in our programs give their owners just what they need in a canine companion or working dog.
Whether you are looking to bring a German Shepherd home or need German Shepherd training, we can help.
Need a Doberman to serve as your dutiful protector, or have one of these impressive dogs that needs Doberman training?
Allow us to help either way!

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Dog Training Classes

At Delta K9 Academy, we bring decades of combined experience in providing all kinds of dogs with a wide range of dog training. No one understands how dogs think and learn better than our experienced staff of expert dog trainers, and over the years, we have carefully developed a broad range of detailed, comprehensive dog training classes designed to accomplish an equally wide range of goals.

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In addition to offering the best dog obedience training courses in the Los Angeles area, when you choose Delta K9 Academy you can also look forward to working with a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is committed to the complete satisfaction of you and your dog alike. When you send your beloved pet to learn new skills and behaviors at one of our dog training classes, you can rest assured that both you and your four-legged friend will receive the best possible care and service from an assigned dog trainer.

Dog Training in Los Angeles: What We Offer
Delta K9 Academy is a comprehensive obedience school for dogs that offers a wide range of dog training classes that are designed to accomplish an equally wide range of goals. Whether you have a new puppy that you would like to teach good behavior and basic obedience, a well-behaved, older dog that you would like to teach more advanced commands, a German Shepherd that needs to be trained to serve as a K9 officer, or anything in-between, we are able to help!

At Delta K9 Academy, our list of dog training includes services such as:

Basic Obedience 

If you would like to curb your dog’s bad behaviors such as biting, jumping, or barking as well as teach them a wide range of important commands such as “come”, “sit”, and “stay”, then our basic obedience course is the ideal choice for you. This entry-level course is perfect for dogs who haven’t yet undergone any obedience classes and need to be taught good behavior and important basic obedience commands.

Advanced Obedience Classes

Our advanced obedience course in Los Angeles is meant for well-behaved pets who are already comfortable with basic dog commands but need to be taught more advanced obedience such as responding to hand-signal commands, ignoring distractions, and looking to you for instruction when they are placed in a potentially frightening situation such as being off the leash near a busy road. If you would like to ensure that your pup will remain obedient and composed at all times even when the environment around them might be confusing or chaotic then our advanced obedience program is the ideal choice.

K9 Training

If you work for a law enforcement agency and would like to find a K9 academy to help your agency train a new batch of K9 officers then we are able to help. From training dogs how to detect drugs and bombs to using advanced decoys in order to teach them how to identify and neutralize a threat, we are experts at training ordinary dogs to become loyal, capable K9 officers. For example, we offer German Shepherd training to help teach the dog how to use its ingrained skills to be especially observant when threats are expected.

Protection Dogs

A good canine friend is one of the best things you can have in your home when it comes to protecting you and your family from intruders. At Delta K9 Academy, we are able to train your four-legged friend how to become a reliable protection dog that will alert you in the event of a threat as well as work to neutralize the threat in a manner meant to keep you as safe as possible. Dog training to help a dog be more protective and alert can be a highly effective way to keep your home and family more secure.

Contact Delta K9 Academy Today for all of Your Dog and Puppy Training Needs!

If you are looking for the best training for dogs and pups in Los Angeles, look no further! Our dog training school is unrivaled by any other school in the area and is the go-to choice for pet owners and law enforcement agencies alike. To learn more about our industry-leading classes, feel free to contact us today!


An Overview of Our Training Process

Over the years, we at Delta K9 Academy have developed a superior process for training all types of dogs in all manner of skillsets. From German Shepherd training to Doberman training, our dog training school can handle the unique needs of every breed.

Choosing Program

The first step in our process is to determine what type of dog training you would like your canine to complete.

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This decision will be made based both on your desires for your dog and the type of training that your dog is suited for, as it is important to note that not all dogs are capable of being good protection dogs. For example, docile breeds like beagles may not be so protective, but German Shepherd training can be especially successful where it comes to honing protective skill sets.

Saving Your Place in Line

You will need to apply for dog training 2-3 months in advance of the date you want to start your dog’s instruction due to our waiting list.

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In addition, we do require that you pay a $500 advance in order to save your place in line for dog training school with us.

Bringing your dog to our facility

Our dog training process begins the moment you drop your canine friend off at our facility. We start with building a bond of trust before moving on to carefully developed dog training procedures.

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Keep in mind that our program takes up to three weeks to complete, so be sure to bring enough of your pet’s preferred food to last at least this long.

Enjoying the Results

Once your training for your puppy is complete, all that’s left to do is for you to pick them and enjoy the results of a dog that has been expertly trained in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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We will give you information about the specific dog training process we completed, how your dog responded to the process, and what you can expect moving forward.

Why Choose Delta K9 Academy?

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like for your dog to receive the best dog training available, there are two primary reasons to choose us:

We Form a Positive Bond with Dogs

We work hard to form a positive, loving bond with the dogs we train and believe that this bond is critical to the dog training process. We have a huge amount of respect for the pups and doggies we train, and we wholly believe in humane treatment at every level. We never use force-based dog training tactics such as electric shock and instead rely on positive enforcement because our vision is that a dog needs to love the training process in order for it to be effective.

We Provide Lifetime Advice

In addition to building a bond with the dogs and puppies, we work hard to build relationships with our dog owners as well and are happy to provide substantial discounts to our loyal customers. We also provide lifetime recommendations for every dog we train. That means that after your dog training is complete, you are able to bring your four-legged friend back periodically for advice and evaluation completely free of charge!

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